Sureweld (UK) Limited
Sanders Lodge Industrial Estate
Rushden, Northants
NN10 6BQ, England

Resistance Welding Machines - MIG - TIG - MMA - Plasma Cutters


  • Easily clean away the MIG, TIG or even Spot weld discolouration.
  • Cleantech eliminates completely all the colouring and oxidation effects that are produced in the weld area.
  • Instantaneous electro - chemical reaction
  • Safe and simple to use. Liquid is a weak ( < 10% ) solution of Phosphoric acid in water
  • Kit complete with 230 volt power source, earth connection, wand with 10 pieces of liquid application tape, 3 litre of liquid and a liquid dispensing container.
  • Simply connect the earth clamp to the work piece, dip the tape end of the wand into the liquid and wipe the weld area clean.
  • Wash component with water after use.
  • Power source has just 2 settings – Min and Max – select according to size of component

PRICE £364.00

Distributor code C0