Sureweld (UK) Limited
Sanders Lodge Industrial Estate
Rushden, Northants
NN10 6BQ, England

Resistance Welding Machines - MIG - TIG - MMA - Plasma Cutters

PF Models - 35/50/80/100kVA

PF136 - (35kVA),  PF151 - (50kVA),  PF181 - (80kVA)

Versatile modern machines suitable for spot and projection welding.

Ideal for weld nuts etc.

Fitted with PX1&00 Digital programmable control.

 PF136, PF151 and PF181

  • Linear action machines suitable for spot and projection welding, cross wire work with bar holders etc. Ideal for weld nuts up to M10
  • Rigid top arm with cylinder acting directly on top platen / electrode holder ensuring linear movement and fast response.
  • Lower arm adjustable for height and can be fitted with platen.
  • Main transformer, arms and electrode holders are fully water cooled.
  • All machines can be fitted with an adjustable High-Lift cylinder with manual or electric valve operation - useful for access over flanges etc. and for electrode replacement.
  • Optional Concomitant hand push buttons (for safety)

PF 151 and 181

  • Lower arm adjustable bracing strut.

PF 181

  • Fitted with platen on lower arm
PF136 - £7120.00    PF151 - £7700.00    PF181 - £8200.00
Distributor code C0